Mango Nampla Wan

with Shrimp Topping Freeze Dry

Mango Nampla-Wan : Mango with sweet and salty fish sauce.


                     Nampla-Wan is a Thai classical culture dip sauce. Tracking back to early Ratanakosin era, Sweet and salty fish sauce is one of fruit relish dip which is the one of symbol of Thai food tray. Mostly it can be consumed with sour fruits, especially Mango.  To cook the NamPla-Wan sauce, coconut sugar will be boiled with fine taste fish sauce, shallot and bird eye chilli to spice up taste, garnish on top with dried shrimp at the end of all process. The sauce will turn out lightly brown with sticky texture and flavourfully smell.

                  Each ingredients are well selected to cook with our Sawasdee-Ja’ secret recipe, we put up our hearts In every process to ensure that we hand our tradition nutritious food to you.

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